Connect with colour for unforgettable results
on 23rd January 2019

There are times when the things you say don’t matter quite as much as how you say them. Unless your business or organization is totally unique, chances are your competition is selling similar products or putting out similar messages.  The challenge, therefore, is to raise the stakes – to connect with your customer on a […]

Our best picks for artisan packaging design using paper
on 19th April 2018

Image by Socio Design We’ve shared some great blogs on packaging design using paper and were so inspired by some of the designs that we thought we’d show you our top ten. Amazingly we’ve found a bit of a trend for using craft papers and coloured and textured papers in artisan foods and goods especially […]

How the Sense of Touch Influences Luxury Packaging
on 18th April 2018

The sense of ‘touch’ is most definitely associated with the hands. Fingers contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings in the body and are the richest source of tactile feedback in the body Touch is one of our most sensitive senses. To touch something or someone reassures; it helps put our mind at […]

5 Best Blogs on Packaging Design
on 2nd April 2018

Whether it’s a bottle of ketchup or a gift for a loved one, good packaging design is incredibly important, ultimately determining your brand position, perception and price. Our two biggest senses used when making a buying decision or indeed just an initial enquiry, are sight and touch. Therefore colour and texture is so important. The […]

Top 5 Blogs to Follow on Colour
on 2nd April 2018

Colour. It affects everything around us: our mood, our living space, whether we are attracted to something or just walk on by. It can tell us whether something is expensive, affordable or cheap. A difference shade can even indicate whether we should wait or go. Colour is especially important when it comes to paper and […]