Connect with colour for unforgettable results

There are times when the things you say don’t matter quite as much as how you say them.

Unless your business or organization is totally unique, chances are your competition is selling similar products or putting out similar messages.  The challenge, therefore, is to raise the stakes – to connect with your customer on a deeper, more memorable level that puts your brand at the forefront of their mind.

So what’s paper got to do with this?  Well, we believe in the power of luxury coloured paper like our Senses range to really touch people, both literally and figuratively.

The addition of deluxe coloured paper adds a uniquely tactile quality to any project.  The use of heavier thicknesses gives an impressively weighty handle on booklets and stationery which is ideal when you want to convey a sense of exclusivity and credibility alongside a product or service, even at a lower page count.

Achieving brand consistency is simple with Senses, thanks to its distinctive and inspiring colour range, which has all the versatility you need to bring nuance and prestige to your designs.  And while printed solid colour can be hit or miss, with a deluxe coloured paper range, you’re guaranteed consistency and depth of colour that lets your customer know you never settle for second best.

Of course, Senses is also perfectly adapted for a broad array of print finishing and binding processes – it handles foil blocking, embossing, debossing, die cutting, thread sewn binding and more with aplomb, making it a perfect choice for everything from luxury brochures to presentation packaging.

When it comes to the actual printing, the use of coloured paper might flag up concerns over colour distortion – but with white ink now readily available to use as a base, there’s no longer a reason why you can’t print in full, vibrant colour on any background.

What’s more, clever use of white ink and other finishing techniques on coloured paper is fast becoming one of the coolest ways to grab attention.

In the past number of months we’ve seen designers let the paper do the talking with creative use of gradients and reliefs to produce contemporary designs that simulate the look of hand-pulled screen prints, without the artisan price tag.

Playing around with the opacity of white ink on a coloured background can also help you to create captivating, almost three-dimensional effects that are guaranteed to capture the imagination.

Boasting unrivalled smoothness and opacity across the full substance range from 90gsm to 3mm board, Senses is the only paper product you need to make your printed materials and packaging stand out in the mind of your end user.  When something looks and feels this good, it has the power to connect, even to emote at the point of use – and in our experience that’s priceless.

Get in touch today to request your free samples of Senses, or to discuss your individual requirements.  We’re always happy to talk paper!