How the Sense of Touch Influences Luxury Packaging

The sense of ‘touch’ is most definitely associated with the hands. Fingers contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings in the body and are the richest source of tactile feedback in the body

Touch is one of our most sensitive senses. To touch something or someone reassures; it helps put our mind at ease and affords affirmation that something or someone is real, is solid, and is what it ‘seems’ to be by first sight.

Our nerve endings are so finely attuned to changes in texture they allow us to respond differently to soft and deep pressure, touch, pain and temperature.

Which is why when it comes to luxury packaging, texture is so important.

Whether it’s a textured outer lining of a box, a cross grain ribbon or a luxury embossed or foiled retail bag, adding a sense of touch to your product elevates it to exude elegance and luxury that is hard to achieve with a flat surface.


By Appointment to the Queen 

Take this project by Progress Packaging for Hardy Aimes, in collaboration with designers J&J London.

Hardy Amies has been an established name on London’s prestigious Savile Row since 1946, although they are probably best known as the official dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II.

Progress created a collection of bags and suit carriers for the brand’s concession in the Printemps department store in Paris.

To enhance the brands’ unique yet classic approach, they used embossed, custom dyed papers to create three sizes of retail carrier bags which were white on the outside and lined with blue – all with custom dyed grosgrain ribbon handles. The identity and branding was foiled one colour to both sides, as well as on the return tops of the bags, an elegant and discreet detail.

The crisp white matte embossed papers display a confidence and elegance that reflects the importance and luxury of the brand enclosed.


Luxury Bags 

Luxury Korean paper bag company Krugernbrent specialises in making gift bags that are in themselves gifts. They are designed to be kept and used and treasured long after the gift itself has been opened and used. Their lookbook is a gallery of beautiful paper bags all of which are either textured, foiled or printed and some have cross grain ribbons and even flowers. Their luxury bags enhance the gift and delivers a message to the recipient or buyer that what’s inside is of the same high quality as presented by the outside.



Established in 1856, Burberry is one of Britains most iconic brands. The Burberry gabardine, developed by Thomas Burberry in 1879, revolutionised the fashion industry and still today is the epitome of high quality, durable and fashionable outdoor wear.

Their luxury textured packaging is inspired by their signature trench coat and finished with a ribbon, to emulate the belt of the garment.


Keeping it Clean 

This simple yet transformative packaging turns a simple bar of Olive Soap into a luxury item just by wrapping in simple textured paper packaging.

The one colour print on the textured surface is indicative of the simplicity and artisan nature of the soap and really reflects the contents to the buyer.


In the swing of things 

The other beauty of textured paper is to emulate a surface without the necessary expense. Take for example these faux leather swing tags for Less Clothing.

And these ones for TellTale Preserve Company, detailing a wood effect:

Or these by Oliver Spencer for their sustainable fashion range:

In all, using textured paper and board is a great and simple way to elevate your packaging into the luxury brand bracket.

The Senses collection offers varying weights that can be bespoke embossed at our artisan paper factory.

Choose up to 13 different textures including Linen, Stripe, Leather and more.


For more information on our textured options and how to order call us today on +44 (0)203 9600 442.



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