5 Best Blogs on Packaging Design

Whether it’s a bottle of ketchup or a gift for a loved one, good packaging design is incredibly important, ultimately determining your brand position, perception and price.

Our two biggest senses used when making a buying decision or indeed just an initial enquiry, are sight and touch. Therefore colour and texture is so important. The make up of your pack, box, bottle or label will have a direct influence on the buyer and ultimately help them make a decision on whether to explore more or even buy.

We searched the internet looking for great articles on packaging design that may inspire you in your quest for innovative and dynamic designs to help your (or your customers) products fly off the shelves. We came across quite a few blogs with dedicated to articles on great design so we thought, why not share some of these articles directly with you here.


50 Insanely Creative and Stunning Packaging Designs

This article details over 50 packaging design examples and a wealth of inspiring concepts that will give food for thought.  Things like thinking about the inside of your pack, secondary usages when the contents are finished (like ceramics/ glass packaging), keeping designs simple, relevant and contemporary, using texture and much much more.


6 rules for packaging design that will shine on the shelf

This article by Peter Vuvovik of 99Designs gives his 6 rules for creating great packaging designs that will stand out from the competition.


Every now and then we come across a great Pinterest board that has a vast amount of pins enough to be able to recommend on our blog – this is one of them from PackagingDiva, with over 230 pins all based on award winning packaging designs – and we love it!


com blog

We LOVE this round up of two colour designs in packaging – very on trend, delivering a go-to list of contemporary designs to inspire your next packaging design.


From Up North

Daniel Nelson is a graphic designer and founder of From Up North and his whole blog is just beautiful to behold. In you will find posts on packaging and poster design, signage and more and a link to his own Pinterest boards which have hundreds more examples.. Definitely worth following and here’s a link to the blog itself.

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